Self Defense Insurance

Legal Defense For (any) Self-Defense Insurance

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Your Membership Includes:

~ 24/7/365 emergency access to an independent program attorney.

~ Coverage for all attorney’s fees (zero attorneys, no cap on legal fees, no hourly limits, and no deductible).

~ Legal representation for both criminal and civil cases.

~ You will not have to pay one red cent.

~ Should you visit or vacation in another state, take your LawShield card on the road with you.

Starting at just $10.95 per month

( After trial period)

Remember, LawShield covers all self-defense incidents including pepper spraying, and fistfights, as well as all non-lethal weapons, and lethal weapons.

If you should get into a fight, a push and shove (that results in a trip to the hospital), or a lethal fight, get the insurance.

When you attend a LawShield event, a LawShield Attorney will be on-site to answer your questions. You will walk away knowing your legal rights and feel empowered. The events are local and worthwhile to attend.