Real Estate Agent Safety Class

What You Should Know Before You Show!

Each Realtor deserves to work with a feeling of security, safety precautions, and awareness for on-the-job refuge.

The class is tailored to real estate agents. The educational class will consist of safety precautions and measures for realtors when conducting open houses and showing homes to clients.

The class will focus on recognizing and escaping dangerous and potential threats, paying attention to your surroundings, exposing tunnel vision, and situational awareness techniques.

Students will learn the basics of creating an on-the-go plan and the importance of non-lethal self-defense strategies.

We will demonstrate personal safety at a distance to avoid a potential attack while on the job.

The class is entertaining, full of laughter, and tailor-made to guide the student not to become a soft target.

The student will have the knowledge and techniques to practice in a fun environment. By the end of class, the overall goal is to give the student a level of muscle memory with guided steps and practice. Practice makes confidence!

Interactive materials will be provided.

Think About It!

What does space between you and your client look like?

Q & A Discussions Are Welcome

  • 90 minute class.
  • Cost $30 per student
  • Group discounts available

In any class, the student is allowed a one-time class retake to be used within 30 days of the date scheduled for a missed class.

What Should A Student Bring To Class?

A Smile!

All fees are non-refundable!

*iSafety Defense does not offer legal advice instead, we offer guidance for improving self-defense situations.

We recommend individuals seek legal advice should the need arise.

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