Personal Safety Awareness Training

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had to use your pepper spray? You might ask yourself:

  1. “Would I have to go to jail?”
  2. “Would I have to stand trial and possibly hire an attorney?”
  3. “Could I or would I be part of a civil suit for defending myself?”

Think About It!

Is it better to know your legal rights, rather than to assume?

Would you want to know your legal rights when it comes to self-defense?

Our goal is to teach and demonstrate personal safety awareness.

Learn how to properly defend oneself legally and lawfully.

This educational class will consist of safety precautions and measures for students when they are on the go. 

The class will focus on recognizing and escaping dangerous and potential threats, paying attention to surroundings, exposing tunnel vision, using situational awareness techniques, and more. 

Students’ demonstrations will be accomplished by safely aiming and firing water-filled practice spray canisters upon command only onto materials provided. Contact will be made directly with the materials provided.

Students will know the basics of creating a practical home defense plan.

Students will have the knowledge and techniques to practice in a guided fun environment.

The personal safety awareness class is entertaining, full of laughter. The session is geared to give each student self-awareness and self-confidence.

Q & A Discussions Are Welcome

  • Bring your family, friends, or groups out and have a self-defense kind of fun.
  • It’s time to move to a new beat.
  • If you would like to schedule a class for a different date give us a call.
  • Interactive materials will be provided.
  • 90 minute class.
  • Cost $30 per student
  • Group discounts available

In any class, the student is allowed a one-time class retake to be used within 30 days of the date scheduled for a missed class.

What Should A Student Bring To Class?

A Smile!

All fees are non-refundable!

*iSafety Defense does not offer legal advice instead, we offer guidance for improving self-defense situations.

We recommend individuals seek legal advice should the need arise.

No Classes Are Currently Scheduled