DPS Approved

 Online License To Carry (LTC) Course

Did You Know?

You no longer have to spend all day sitting in a crowded classroom with people. The course can be access from your computer, tablet or cell phone. It will allow you to stop, logout and log back in to pick up right where you left off. 

 Sign-up for the Online License to Carry course for only $40 for 4 hours.

The course is broken down into mini sections so no one sits longer than 20 minutes.  When you hit the “next” button, it will be automatically saved, come back when you need to. 

Benefits Of Having A License To carry Are:


License To Carry

Non License To carry

Concealed Carry a Handgun in Public

Open Carry a Handgun in Public

Must Meet Eligibility Requirements

Carry in over 87% of the United States

Bypass Background Checks when Purchasing Firearms

Carry & Drive 1000 feet within a Federal Gun-Free School Zones

Carry in Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, or Amusement Parks

Carry in Public Place With Any Type of “No Firearm” Sign Posted

Legal Protections When Carrying at Certain Prohibited Locations

Carry inside College Campus Buildings and at College Sporting Events

Airport Protections

Room of an Open Meeting of a Governmental Entity

Also, purchase the legal defense for (any) self defense insurance just in case there is a push and shove, pepper spray, an object is used, or a firearm used to defend yourself. 

 Get 30 days free coverage!

Anyone wanting to carry in Texas should obtain their License to Carry.  So that, you are not bound by the restrictions and limitations that comes without carrying a license. 

You will be much better off and have more protection when you have a License to Carry. All this can be done while sitting in the comfort of your home! 

                                                               Take the course for only $40 for 4 hours.   

Who Can Take Our Online Texas (LTC) Course

Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take the online LTC course. Immediately upon passing the online course, you will be able to download your official certificate of training.

1. Instant Access Digital Download

After you complete the online course you will instantly be able to download your certificate of training (LTC101).

2. Complete the Range Portion/Live Fire

Once you complete the online LTC course you simply use any local LTC instructor in your area to complete the shooting portion. 

All online students will receive access to the instructor locator to find an LTC instructor in their area should they need help finding one. 

The instructor will fill out the range portion of your certificate (LTC101 form) required for the application.

3. Lastly, Get Fingerprinted

Get fingerprinted at Identigo or your local police department, then apply for your license on the DPS website page.

Exempt From Shooting

The people below do not need the shooting portion and only need the online course.

1- Texas State Correctional Officers are automatically exempt from the shooting portion.

2- Active duty military or veterans that have within the past 10 years completed training in the familiarization of firearms or have firearm shooting scores from the military.

3- County Jailers that have completed firearms training as part of their employment.