Legal Defense For ANY Self-Defense Insurance

Recognized across the United States, U.S. LawShield legal defense coverage is used for any self-defense incident for only $10.95 monthly or $131.40 yearly. Your membership covers you in criminal and civil court with no out-of-pocket attorney fees. No matter how many hours or days it takes to defend your freedom in the courtroom, there are no limits and no caps to the amount of money that will be spent on you.

As soon as you enrolled, you are covered 100% from criminal and civil charges provided you had to defend yourself.  Remember, Law Shield covers all self-defense incidents including pepper spraying, fistfights, as well as all non-lethal weapons, and lethal weapons.

~ You will get an attorney emergency hotline number answered 24/7/365. Should you visit or vacation in another state, take your Law Shield card on the road with you.

~ Your plan will include zero attorneys’ fees, NO CAPS on legal fees, no hourly limits, and no deductibles.

~ You will not have to pay one red cent. Just click on the link below to join! 


I attended many Legal Shield events and believe me after you have attended an event, a Legal Shield Attorney will be on-site to answer your questions. You will walk away knowing your legal rights and feel empowered. The events are local and worthwhile.


Make sure the promo code isafety7 is in the coupon code box this will give you an additional 2 months of coverage.

~ You can join NOW and be covered NOW, you don’t have to wait until an unexpected incident happens.

~ Join NOW to get the two months FREE.

Question: If you only had a golf club or baseball ball bat within reach, would you use it to defend you or your family? If the answer is yes, click the link.

For faster sign-up TEXT isafety7 to (281) 603-0066. The promo code will be automatically applied.           


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