OC Aerosol Spray Re-Certification Training

OC Aerosol Spray Re-Certification Training

The purpose of this training is to re-certify department officers in the use and application of the popular aerosol spray agent, Oleoresin Capsicum or OC. 

The goal of the training is to provide additional knowledge and skills pertaining to officer use and application of OC for law enforcement, security, and corrections when dispersed against violent subjects in varying conditions. 

~ This is a 2-hour training class.

~ Inert canister spray used for training and practice only.

~ OC (Pepper Spray) Certification is good for one year.

~ TCOLE Reporting Number #3343

*Cost $45.00 per student (limited time offer of $35.00 per student till September 1, 2021)

What should students bring to class?

~ Pen and paper for note taking

~ Safety glasses or goggles

~ All fees are Non-Refundable

Taught by:

OC Certified Instructors, TCOLE Certified Instructors

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Texas LTC Class Online

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New Texas law allows you to take the Texas License to Carry (LTC) class ONLINE. No more spending all day on the weekend sitting in a crowded classroom full of people. You can now take the official online Texas License to Carry class from the comfort of your home, on your schedule and at your pace for $60.00.

You can take our online class on your desktop, laptop, iPad or even on your smart phone while sitting on your sofa! Our online Texas LTC class is only 4 hours long and you can take it at your own pace. You can stop, log out and log back in and pick up right where you left off.

The class is easy! Our Texas online License to Carry class is only $60.00. You get the best in Texas for less. We make getting your Texas License to Carry easy!

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Texas License to Carry Class

The Texas License to Carry (LTC) previously called Concealed Handgun License (CHL) is essentially the same class with additional features. The reason for the name change is in part due to the licensee having the ability to carry their handgun open or concealed based on personal preference.

Our classes are designed to be informative, fun, and exciting with the new shooter in mind. This class fulfills the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) required classroom training as well as the firearms qualifications needed to obtain a Texas License to Carry a Handgun or LTC. If you’re interested in a stress-free environment in which to learn please see which of our upcoming classes work best for you and your schedule.

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